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  • Nvidia Wants to Replace Nurses With AI for $9 an Hour 🩺

Nvidia Wants to Replace Nurses With AI for $9 an Hour 🩺

AND: Neuralink's First Brain Chip Patient Plays Chess with his Mind, NVIDIA Unveils Blackwell, AI Healthcare Market Size Estimated To Reach $148.4 Billion By 2029, Google Cloud Unveils New AI Features to Help Healthcare Organizations Leverage Data

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From Neuralink's brain-chip marvels to Nvidia's AI nurses and groundbreaking drug discovery platforms, we're on the brink of transforming care as we know it.

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  • Neuralink's First Brain Chip Patient Plays Chess with his Mind (VIDEO)

  • Nvidia Wants to Replace Nurses With AI

  • Drug Discovery Gets a Chip Boost with Nvidia Blackwell

  • Google Cloud Unveils AI Tools for Leverage Healthcare Data

  • Global AI Healthcare Market Size To Reach $148.4 Billion By 2029

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Neuralink's First Brain Chip Patient Plays Chess with his Mind

It is all being done with my brain. If you all can see the cursor moving around the screen, that is all me.

Noland Arbaugh, first Neuralink patient

Imagine controlling a computer not with your hands, but with your thoughts. That's exactly what Noland Arbaugh, a 29-year-old who faced life-changing paralysis after a diving accident, is doing.

During a livestreaming on X (ex-twitter), Neuralink's first-ever patient showcased his skills by playing online chess, moving the cursor on his laptop using nothing but a chip in his brain.

Implanted in January, Noland's journey with Neuralink has been nothing short of science fiction turned reality. Describing the implant surgery as a breeze, he was out of the hospital and back in action within a day. And the best part? He's back to gaming, immersing himself in Civilization VI for an epic eight-hour marathon. While Noland admits the tech isn't flawless and there's a road ahead, the change in his life is undeniable and downright exciting.

Next Step: Restore Sight

Following the livestream, Elon Musk announced "Blindsight" as the next Neuralink product after telepathy. Its goal? To restore vision for people born blind.

As mentioned in Musk tweet, the Blindsight implant is already being tested on monkeys.

Promising Technological Advancements, But at What Cost?

While Noland's experience is outstanding, Neuralink's animal testing practices are under scrutiny. A recent article from MDDIOnline highlights criticisms by the FDA regarding Neuralink's animal testing procedures.

This technological leap opens doors to extraordinary possibilities, but ensuring the ethical development of brain-computer interfaces is crucial.


Nvidia Wants to Replace Nurses With AI for $9 an Hour

The future of healthcare might involve Nvidia-powered AI nurses, and they cost your healthcare provider next to nothing.

Nvidia and Hippocratic AI have partnered to create AI nurses that offer medical advice via video calls for $9/hour. This move raises concerns as Hippocratic promotes these AI agents as a cheaper alternative to human nurses, who typically charge around $90.

While Nvidia claims AI can usher in "an age of abundance in healthcare," critics worry these AI nurses lack the human touch and expertise crucial for quality care.

Potential Benefits

  • 24/7 medical guidance at a fraction of the cost of human nurses.

  • Addresses nurse shortages in the healthcare industry.

  • Increased healthcare accessibility through AI.

Concerns and Criticisms

  • Can AI nurses replace human compassion and expertise?

  • Ethical considerations regarding patient safety and diagnosis limitations.

  • Potential for undercutting the wages of human nurses.

The partnership between Nvidia and Hippocratic AI is a significant development that could have a major impact on the future of healthcare. It is important to consider the potential benefits and risks of AI nurses before they are widely adopted.


NVIDIA Unveils Blackwell and Expands BioNeMo for Advanced Drug Discovery

Jensen Huang unveils his new Blackwell AI computing platform at NVIDIA’s GTC

At the NVIDIA GTC 2024 conference, Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang took the stage to announce major leaps in AI for life sciences. The highlight was the NVIDIA Blackwell AI computing platform, a powerhouse chip built for advanced AI tasks like real-time analysis of huge datasets, which is set to make waves in drug discovery due to its speed and efficiency.

Key Announcements:

NVIDIA Blackwell: This new chip is designed for real-time generative AI on massive datasets, perfect for analyzing DNA and proteins for drug development.

NVIDIA BioNeMo gets Turbocharged: New AI tools like DNABERT (predicts gene function), scBERT (analyzes single-cell data), and EquiDock (predicts molecule-protein interaction) are now available.

Accessibility for All: Nvidia’s Inference Microservices (NIMs) make it simpler for developers to deploy AI models with minimal code, potentially transforming AI application development across industries.

Early Adopters See Success: Over 100 companies, including pharma leaders, are already using BioNeMo, signaling its effectiveness. Nvidia also partners with tech giants like AWS and Microsoft to expand these tools' reach.

In essence, Nvidia is paving the way for faster, more precise drug discovery, bringing the power of AI to the fingertips of researchers and developers worldwide.


Google Cloud Unveils New AI Features to Help Healthcare Organizations Leverage Data

At HIMSS 2024, Google Cloud showcased new AI features designed to improve how healthcare organizations use clinical data.

Vertex AI Search for Healthcare: This AI-powered search helps clinicians quickly find relevant information in patient records (EHR data, notes, etc.) similar to a web search. Clinicians can customize searches with trusted results thanks to data source citations.

MedLM Enhancements: Google's healthcare-focused large language model (LLM) receives two upgrades:

  • Chest X-ray Classification: This API assists clinicians in classifying chest X-rays for various purposes.

  • Patient Condition Summaries: This API generates a chronological list of a patient's conditions with brief AI summaries, improving workflow efficiency.

Looking ahead: Google Cloud plans to expand both MedLM and its healthcare data engine (HDE) functionalities in the coming months, offering even more solutions for the healthcare industry.


Global AI Healthcare Market Size Estimated To Reach $148.4 Billion By 2029

According to a report from marketandmarkets, the AI in healthcare sector is booming.

Valued at $20.9 billion in 2024, it's projected to skyrocket to $148.4 billion by 2029. This trajectory represents a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 48.1% during the forecast period.

The growth is driven by the need to navigate through the maze of health data, cut down costs, and the rapid improvement of technology, paired with a growing number of collaborations in the healthcare field.

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